Why Choose the Iron Gate Shop?

Quality & Experience

To bring manufacturing costs down, other companies compromise by reducing the build and material quality of their product to match the price point.

Most commonly, this is evident by just looking at the main gate components, the bars. You will find that most others use 10mm bars to make their gates where we use a minimum of 16mm as standard. This is a huge improvement in quality and creates a robust and aesthetically pleasing gate.

When the thickness of the bar is reduced, the gate begins to both look and feel flimsy and low quality. Gates with these thin bars are the kind that you can buy off the shelf in high street DIY stores.

At the Iron Gate Shop, our strict quality policy is what sets us apart from the rest. We never compromise on our materials so our gates are always of premium quality, regardless of the low price point.

Our gate ranges are manufactured by North Valley Forge who, for over 30 years, have specialised in creating bespoke, uniquely designed gates for their customers. When you buy from The Iron Gate Shop, you are guaranteed a gate of extraordinary quality, made by a company with fabrication experience at the highest level.


Asides from the superior build quality of our designs, we also have a keen eye for the finer details as this is what really makes the gate special! Each of our gate designs go far beyond the usual expectations of a ready made gate in every way.

We take real pride in our work and this shows through the finishing touches and details in our designs which other manufacturers simply do not offer.

From baroque leaves and stunning railheads which adorn the gates, twisted bars with cages and even bespoke scrollwork designs, we offer the most intricate readymade gates online. Our bars are also textured which adds an extra element of luxury that you will not find on gates from other companies.


We offer a galvanising service on all of our gate ranges which you will not find elsewhere.

To extend the life of ironwork that is exposed to the elements outside, you should galvanise it prior to painting to prevent rust and corrosion.

This process involves the gate being dipped in a bath of molten zinc which coats the bare metal forming a permanent seal to protect your gates from rusting.

Once galvanised and painted, your gates will require little, to no maintenance.

Iron gates, even at our low prices, are an investment item, so we always recommend that you opt for galvanising. This inexpensive process not only protects your gates but it also extends your warranty to a massive 25 years!

Paint & Patina

We use a paint system that has been specially designed by North Valley Forge. Our high build vinyl in Smithy Black is a premium paint that we apply as standard to our gates.

Unlike traditional powder coating offered by other manufacturers (which gives your ironwork a plastic like, cheap, shiny finish), our high build vinyl creates a stunning matt, soft sheen finish.
The overall effect of our paint gives a far superior look compared to powder coating.

Our unique paint system is long lasting and won’t crack or chip in extreme weather condition like powder coated surfaces will, therefore, they require virtually no maintenance.

The other main difference in our paint finish is that the vinyl paint allows us to apply patina to the details. A light brushing of a metallic paint colour of your choice makes the fine details shine, offering the most deluxe look available on the market.