AES WiFi-AB Predator Video Intercom

£645.00 excl. VAT

The Predator WiFi video intercom is a stunning addition to your home and allows you to answer calls to your gate from anywhere in the world offering the ultimate in home security.

Product Description

The WiFi Predator is the ultimate in home security. This intercom allows you to receive video calls from your gate, directly to your smartphone. Not only can you see and check the identity of your caller without needing to grant access, you don’t even need to be at home to do so.

If you miss the call from your gate or the primary number is engaged, the Predator will move on to the next of up to 4 stored phone numbers to make sure you never miss a call. If it is dialing a landline, then you will only receive voice calling.

This system is also cost effective as there are no cabling requirements and no expensive handsets to have in your home.

In addition, this intercom can store up to 100 phone numbers which allows people to phone your gates to open them. This is simple to programme via the app and does not incur charges. If a phone number that dials the gate is recognised by the system, it will reject the call and open the gates. Perfect for regular workers, offices, friends and family.
Access can be revoked simply by using the app to remove the associated phone number. This system removes the need for expensive and easily lost remote control fobs.

It is simple to set up. Just connect the intercom directly to your home router using your WiFi password and then download the Predator app to your phone or tablet.

Technical Information

  • Neon blue back-lit outdoor speech panel
  • Illuminated night vision camera
  • Calls up to 4 programmed phone numbers in sequence
  • Video calls to smartphones, voice calls to landlines
  • Android and IOS compatible
  • Caller ID feature for up to 100 stored numbers
  • 24V dc (adaptor included)
  • 1 relay output
  • Camera – colour, 110 degree, 640 x 480px
  • Waterproof Mylar 1.5 w speaker
  • Up to 150m range with directional WiFi antenna
  • Outdoor range can be extended using standard repeaters if needed
  • Built in LAN connection for Power Line communications or additional repeater connections
  • 110 degree camera viewing angle
  • 2 Year Warranty

Included in kit

  • External speech panel
  • High gain directional antenna & fixing bracket
  • Power supply
  • Installation manuals
  • App. is free from Google Play for Android or Apple Store for IOS