AES Cell Com Prime GSM-5ABK/3GE Intercom with Keypad

£565.00 excl. VAT

The Cell Com Prime from AES is a beautifully designed, GSM intercom with advanced programming via a smartphone application. The codelock keypad allows entry using a 4 digit pin code.

Product Description

The Cell Com Prime intercom from AES takes GSM technology to a new level with a host of features which are all easily programmable via your smartphone.

Using standard calling technology via SIM card, your intercom will call a sequence of up to 4 stored phone numbers (mobile or landline) to ensure that you never miss a call from your gates. These calls can be answered from anywhere in the world!

SIM card is not included as you need to choose the mobile network that has the best signal for your area. Pay as you go SIM cards are often free to buy and are readily available.

In addition to being able to receive voice calls from your visitors, you can also store up to 100 numbers in to the system that when they call your gate, the gate opens for the associated number. This removes the need for expensive remote controls and is ideal for office use. The numbers are simply programmed using the app.

This particular intercom also comes with an integrated keypad on the speech panel to allow access using a 4 digit pin code. Permanent and temporary codes can be set using the application easily.

The external speech panel features a waterproof mylar speaker and neon blue back-lighting making it a stunning feature on any style of home or office.

Technical Information

  • New installer app. – makes programming and set up simple
  • Codelock keypad on outdoor speech panel
  • Set temporary and permanent keypad codes using the app.
  • 100 caller ID numbers can be stored for phone entry
  • Calls 4 numbers in sequence so you don’t miss a call
  • Log call history on the app.
  • Calls made using a SIM card in the panel
  • Do not disturb setting
  • Option to set automatic open and close times
  • Trigger and latch the gates using your phone
  • Neon blue back-lighting
  • Mylar waterproof speaker
  • 15V dc power supply (adaptor included)
  • 2 relays
  • N/C and N/O Relay type
  • 2G quad band modem, 3G EU, 3G USA
  • 2 Year warranty

Included in kit

  • Wall mounted speech panel with keypad
  • Antenna & fixing bracket (on 2m cable)
  • Power supply
  • Installation manuals