AES 603-ABK DECT Wireless Audio Intercom with Keypad

£435.00 excl. VAT

Product Description

This wireless DECT audio intercom system from AES has a long range of 200m which can even be extended to 300m with an optional range booster.

Due to this system having 2 relay outputs, it can be used to open a pedestrian gate in addition to your main gates.

The system can have up to 4 handsets associated with it. There small charging cradle means that it is easy to place them around your home and in addition to being convenient when you get a call, they can also be used as an internal intercom between handsets.

Technical Information

  • Additional 3 handsets can be added and used as internal intercom system
  • Built in voicemail
  • 24 hour handset battery life out of cradle
  • Neon back-lit external speech panel
  • Gate release and latching button
  • 2 Relay outputs
  • Range of 200m (up to 400m in open field conditions)
  • 5V dc power supply (adaptor included)
  • 4 handsets per system
  • Cable required: Screened CAT5
  • Max. cable length 8m (recommend short as possible)
  • Keypad programming on the keypad
  • 2 Year warranty

Included in kit

  • Illuminated external speech panel
  • Transmitter module
  • Handset
  • Charging cradle
  • Power supply
  • 3m screened CAT5 cable
  • Installation manuals