Our Intercom & Access Brands

We stock from the worlds leading brands of intercom and access control systems. From a simple call button intercom to state of the art video to mobile phone application intercoms, we are guaranteed to have the right solution for your home or office.

We are in the process of adding our range of access solution stock on to our website so please do not hesitate to call us on 01282 677300 to see if we have what is best for your installation in the mean time.



For intercoms to suit any type of property or budget, Videx has the vastest range of access control solutions available for every price point. Videx is the best selling intercom brand for residential, apartment and commercial properties.

From simple audio gate intercoms through to the stunning Kristallo video model which not only allows you to see your visitors in crisp video quality but also looks amazing too.



AES combine the most innovative technology with modern style and practicality. The outdoor speech panels make an impressive first impression to your visitors and feature night vision cameras.

All models are wireless which makes installation a breeze…and it’s more cost effective that their wired counterparts. Operate your gates via an app and see who’s at your gates from anywhere in the world with the Cell Com Prime. These are the ultimate in home security!



This brand offers a superb range of wireless intercoms which can cover a far longer range than other wireless devices.

Packed with features, the Daitem intercoms allow you to associate fobs and codes along with having numerous wireless handsets. They can even be used as an internal home intercom system.

Daitem offers the ultimate flexibility in use and value with their access control solutions.



 This intercom brand offers a great range of products, from basic, affordable audio intercoms through to wireless video intercoms.

Farfisa are able to produce high quality intercoms at a low cost. Don’t be deceived by the price point, for most residential settings, these intercoms offer more than enough features.